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Ultimate Lift Stretch Full Coverage Seamless Lace Cut-Out Bra

Ultimate Lift Stretch Full Coverage Seamless Lace Cut-Out Bra

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Luxurious, Sensuous, and Supportive

Elevate your charm and embrace unbeatable breast support with the unmatched Ultimate Lift Stretch Full-Coverage Seamless Lace Cut-Out Bra. This beautifully crafted undergarment effortlessly combines luxury and coziness, discreetly hidden under any lavish outfit.

Lismali Seamless Lace Bra

Provide Tons Of Lift

Transform your bustline in an instant with a must-have anti-sagging feature for a vivacious and streamlined silhouette, fully supported and ready to take on the day!

Lismali Seamless Lace Bra

Cleavage Boost


The Unbeatable Lift Stretch Full-Figured Seamless Lace Cutout Bra boosts and stabilizes your chest with its wire-free design, resulting in a livelier look and deeper neckline. And as a bonus, it greatly minimizes movement, providing unbeatable comfort.
Lismali Seamless Lace Bra

No Back Fat


With its wireless reinforcement and incredible stretchiness, the Ultimate Extra Lift Stretch Full-Figure Seamless Lace Adorned Bra eliminates those unattractive back and armpit bulges, plus those pesky bra lines. It also gracefully contours and gets rid of side bulges for a seamless finish.
Lismali Seamless Lace Bra

Silky Soft


This bra is made with breathable and incredibly comfortable fabric, freeing you from the discomfort of traditional underwire. Getting dressed in this little number is a piece of cake, thanks to its stretchy band and easy pullover design.
Lismali Seamless Lace Bra

Light and Breathable


With its airy lace accents and moisture-wicking properties, this bra keeps things feeling fresh and breezy. The breathable fabric helps prevent sweat, while still providing the perfect blend of support and comfort for everyday wear.
Lismali Seamless Lace Bra

Improve Posture


Not only does it gently nudge your shoulders up and encourage your chest to move forward, but the Ultimate Extra Lift Stretch Full-Figure Seamless Lace Adorned Bra also comes with a unique posture-boosting perk. (!)
Lismali Seamless Lace Bra

Wide Range Of Sizes

Lismali Seamless Lace Bra


  • Flank: 80% Nylon & 20% Spandex
  • Lining: 83.5% Viscose & 16.5% Polyester
  • Seamless
  • Machine Wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Lay flat to dry

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