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Sweat Sauna Neoprene Body Shaper Shirt

Sweat Sauna Neoprene Body Shaper Shirt

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Our Sweat Sauna Neoprene Body Shaper creates a thermal sensation on the upper body, encouraging and intensifying perspiration during workouts.* Offers immediate abdominal compression and supports the lower back and lumbar region.*

The neoprene fabric allows for comfy, breezy, flexi movement, giving you a wider range of motion.
Add cool power mesh panels at the back and bust for awesome airflow, moisture-wicking to keep you fresh and lightweight!


  • Maximizes exercise routines by increasing your core body temperature*
  • Supports weight loss*
  • Eliminate toxins from sweating*
  • Improved feeling of well being*
  • Reduce abdomen and mid-section*
  • Heats and soothes muscles*

Get ready to sweat like never before with our Sweat Boosting Thermal Tank Top. This unique garment amplifies sweat by 3 times, making your workouts more intense than ever.


  • Neoprene corsets to make you charming and gorgeous
  • High quality lingerie will make you feel soft and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on and take off with the hook & eye closure
  • Steel bone adoption offers great support and lift up

Women's Sizing Information:

Men's Sizing Information: Centimeters (inches below)

Size Length Waistline Bust
S 49 cm 80 cm 83 cm
M 51 cm 82 cm 84 cm
L 52 cm 83 cm 85 cm
XL 54 cm 84 cm 86 cm
2XL 56 cm 85 cm 88 cm
3XL 57 cm 86 cm 90 cm
4XL 60 cm 87 cm 91 cm
5XL 63 cm 88 cm 92 cm


Men's Sizing Information: Inches (centimeters above)

Size Length Waistline Bust
S 19.2 in
31.5 in
32.7 in
M 20.0 in
32.3 in
33.1 in
L 20.5 in 32.7 in 33.5 in
21.6 in
33.1 in 33.9 in
2XL 22.0 in 33.5 in 34.7 in
3XL 22.4 in 33.9 in 35.4 in
4XL 23.6 in 34.3 in 35.8 in
5XL 24.8 in 34.7 in 36.2 in



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