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Shapewear with Butt Pads Hourglass Shaper 3.0

Shapewear with Butt Pads Hourglass Shaper 3.0

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*This product has (removable) padding in the hip area*

You spoke, we listened! Introducing the Hourglass 3.0 Shaper with a zipper and removable straps. Perfect for shorter skirts, shorts, and mini dresses. Click here to learn more!

Butt Boosting - This shapewear features full butt shaping stitches to naturally tighten and lift your buttocks, preventing any sagging. Plus, the added padding creates the perfect hourglass figure.

Transforms your figure - Smooths out your muffin top, streamlines your legs, and reigns in your midsection. Our shapewear won't crush your hips, and effortlessly highlights your curves.

Unleash your inner diva and flaunt those curves with our Hourglass Shaper! Your confidence will skyrocket, making you the center of attention (but hey, we're not complaining!).

I think that you will appreciate our Shapewear with Butt Pads Hourglass Shaper 3.0 because, not only is it super comfy, but it's also made from some fancy pants material that keeps you dry and cool all day long.

This versatile undergarment is the ultimate addition to your wardrobe, perfect for work, partying, socializing, or busting a move on the dance floor. Say goodbye to visible lines and hello to a seamless look!

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