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Premium Satin Antibacterial Ice Silk Moisture-absorbing Panties

Premium Satin Antibacterial Ice Silk Moisture-absorbing Panties

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If our size doesn't fit you (too big, too small, too tall, too short - well, you get the idea), or you don't think our quality is up to par (we'll be sad, but we'll get over it), just let us know and we'll give you a refund without any questions (well, maybe just one: why?)

Order your underwear by weight or check the size chart if you're unsure. 🤔

The latest butt lifting effect! You should not miss it!


It's simple; our panties come with 6 exclusive benefits.

  • NO SMELL--Feel Fresh and odor-free throughout your period. 
  • PROTECTIVE PANTIES--Perfect partner to your menstrual cup, tamponsor pads.
  • Go green and save some green with these reusable, eco-friendly panties. No need to worry about drying them in the sun after washing, they'll still provide top-notch moisture absorption and leak-proof protection.
  • STAY SAFE--Not sure when your period will start? Be 100% dryand ready anytime.
  • Prevent Leakage--Whether you’re managing incontinence or light bladder leaks (LBL). 
  • "Stay fresh and fierce with our Pay1 Get 3(3packs) Premium Satin Antibacterial Ice Silk Moisture-absorbing Panties, perfect for active folks like you!(Sweat? What sweat?)"


Go with the flow with our leak-resistant undies, perfect for pairing with pads, tampons, or cups for added security.

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