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Muscle Stimulation Pads - Tone Muscles - Lose Weight! Abs, Arms and Legs!

Muscle Stimulation Pads - Tone Muscles - Lose Weight! Abs, Arms and Legs!

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Product Packages:

Complete Set: $34.99

  • (1) Ab Toning Pad
  • (2) Muscle Toning Arm/Leg Straps
  • (3) Multi-Level Intensity Remote Controls

Individual Ab Toner and Control Set: $19.99

  • (1) Ab Toning Pad
  • (1) Multi-Level Intensity Remote Control

SIMPLE TO OPERATE. Easily place the pad on your desired body area and activate it for 30 minutes.

TIME-SAVING. Using it for 30 minutes provides the benefits of a two-hour workout for that targeted muscle group.

ENHANCES RESULTS EFFORTLESSLY. You can integrate it into your daily routine, enabling it to sculpt while you attend to other tasks, eliminating the need for additional training.

The intelligent EMS micro electric technology uses potent electric pulses to engage your muscles, automatically enhancing the firmness and definition of your abs

The Advanced EMS Technology within the Ultimate Abs Stimulator, paired with its premium craftsmanship, assists in sculpting an appealing physique effortlessly! 

The Wireless Ab Toner can be employed on various body areas such as the abdomen, arms, waist, hips, and legs to promote muscle development. Its built-in EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) transmits current signals directly to your muscles to aid in strengthening, toning, and firming.

With consistent use over two months (30 minutes per day, 5 times a week), this product assists in achieving firmer, stronger muscles and an ideal physique.

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