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  2. "Get a comfortable and durable waist elastic that won't deform and will shape your waist and abdomen - perfect for all your skin-friendly needs!"
  3. High Waist Design: The high waist design wraps around the waist area to provide support and shaping.

  4. Super-Plastic Coarse Mesh Cloth: This material is used for its strong shaping properties, especially in the abdominal and leg areas.

  5. Rubber Bones: Three rubber bones are included to support the waist and prevent curling, maintaining the desired shape.

  6. Three-Row Buckle Design: The three-row buckle design provides adjustability and a secure fit. The square buckle is reinforced for durability.

  7. Epoxy Lace at the Foot: This feature helps prevent curling at the bottom edge of the product.

  8. Hip Wrinkle Design: The design is intended not to press on the hips, and a double-layer structure under the hips helps lift and shape the buttocks.

  9. Crotch Zipper Design: The crotch zipper makes it convenient for going to the toilet, and it's designed with a durable YKK zipper.

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