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Firm Embrace Bodysuit

Firm Embrace Bodysuit

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The Comforting Support Bodysuit is specially crafted to meet the unique requirements of new mothers and individuals recovering from surgery, providing gentle yet effective assistance to promote healing and enhance overall comfort during this crucial period.

Why Choose the Comforting Support Bodysuit for Recovery:

  • Gentle 3D Ultra-Fine Mesh: The inner layer features a 3D ultra-fine mesh, delivering a soft feel and increased flexibility, ideal for delicate skin and changing body shapes during the recovery phase after childbirth or surgery.
  • Supportive One-Piece Moulded Breast Cup: The single-piece compression moulded breast cup is structured to adapt to varying breast sizes, ensuring a more secure fit and gentle support without sacrificing comfort.
  • Alloy Steel Ring for Chest Support: The premium alloy steel ring provides subtle elevation and support, crucial for maintaining good posture and comfort, especially following surgery or during the postpartum phase.
  • Durable Transparent Shoulder Straps: The durable transparent shoulder straps are designed for long-lasting use, offering dependable support while remaining inconspicuous under clothing.

Key Advantages for Recovery and Comfort:

  • Skin-Friendly Material for Sensitive Skin: The 3D ultra-fine mesh is gentle on the skin, reducing irritation during the recovery process.
  • Adjustable Breast Support: The moulded breast cup adapts to your evolving body, ensuring both comfort and support.
  • Posture-Improving Chest Ring: The alloy steel ring aids in chest support, crucial for aligning posture after surgery.
  • Durable Strap Design for Prolonged Wear: Transparent straps offer longevity and support for daily use during the recovery period.

Your Support System for a Cozy Recovery. The Comforting Support Bodysuit is your partner in the recovery journey, delivering essential support while focusing on comfort and ease of wear.

Whether healing from surgery or navigating the postpartum phase, this bodysuit provides a perfect blend of gentle support and comfort to help you feel your best.

Size Chart: 

B180118 Size Chart
Size US UX/AU/NZ Waist Hip
Inches CM Inches CM
S 4-6 8-10 26-28.3 66-72 35.4-37.8 90-96
M 8-10 12-14 28.3-30.7 72-78 37.8-40.2 96-102
L 12-14 16-18 30.7-33.1 78-84 40.2-42.5 102-108
XL 16-18 20-22 33.1-36.2 84-90 42.5-44.9 108-114
XXL 18-20 22-24 35.4-37.8 90-96 44.9-47.2 114-120
3XL 20-22 24-26 37.8-40.2 96-102 47.2-49.6 120-126
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